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FaithIt’s interesting that there is a perceived chasm between “science and religion”. I need to first clarify that in my opinion there is a huge difference between “religion” and the teachings of the Bible. I believe that the biblical teachings are relatively straightforward and become complicated by additional rules and mandates that are imposed by most denominations.

I used to consider myself a scientist that was skeptical of the Bible. I found that I am far more skeptical of denominational dogma then biblical teachings. I am also skeptical of scientists who are so closed minded that they are unwilling to examine their core beliefs. It is my current belief that anyone who considers themselves a scientist must be willing to examine that belief system regularly. As a result of that belief, I feel that I am far more open-minded and therefore will approach this topic from the standpoint that as a consumer it takes a great deal of faith to entrust our health to anyone. Some of the positions of “scientists” require as much faith as religion

I outlined in the previous blog the pharmaceutical interventions for the cancer treatment I have been going through. I undertook those because I have faith that the medical professionals are operating in good faith and are invested in a successful outcome to my treatment. I also believe that alternative forms of treatment are approached with very similar interests. As skeptical as I am of the science versus religion arguments, I am just as skeptical of pharmaceutical versus non-pharmaceutical arguments. I believe that there is validity to the use of pharmaceuticals and there is validity to the use of non-pharmaceuticals but it is imperative that the consumer understand what is being done and why. Because of this I have gone with nonpharmacological or “natural interventions” in addition to pharmacology.

One of the major things that we have done is to become far more involved with biofeedback. The biofeedback system that we use is the LIFE (Living Information Forms Energy) System Quantum Biofeedback device. It is manufactured by Harmonic Energenic Technologies, LLC. Unlike traditional biofeedback procedures this is a device that assists the body in very specific ways to relax. The result of relaxation is to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and supply nutrients to each cell and therefore the DNA molecule. It requires no overt input from the receiver, which is the first and most obvious difference between this device and traditional biofeedback. Another major difference is that at the end of the session most people feel a significant level of relaxation and often reduction of pain.

We have a biofeedback “guru” whom we rely on when we need specialized assistance.  She has been involved with the Life System from its inception and beta testing to the present day. It was recommended, because of the presence of cancer cells, that my treatment be approximately 1 1/2 hours per day. That has been expanded slightly to accommodate protocols to address neuropathy. My wife is also a biofeedback professional and is awake at 5:00 AM every day to do the treatment for me. My response to biofeedback is that I sleep during the session. Upon awakening I begin consuming water. Because of the detoxification action of the biofeedback, being well hydrated is essential. One of my evidences that the biofeedback is assisting in detox is that urinary output is darker than at times when I’m not receiving biofeedback.

Another intervention that we have chosen to undertake is the use of raw aloe vera juice. We were advised that the use of raw aloe vera juice is very beneficial in assisting the liver to detoxify and also to assist liver health in repelling cancerous cells. We use meal replacement products from Isagenix, including a shake in the morning for breakfast.  Because of the initial cold neuropathy, I had stopped using Isagenix shakes as meal replacement. I started to gain weight and I believe through the use of the aloe vera juice and biofeedback, have once again been able to tolerate cold liquids in spite of ongoing pharmacological intervention. I avoid doing any cleanses, other than laxatives, because I want to receive whatever benefit the chemotherapy affords, but I’m willing to use aloe vera and biofeedback at 24 hour intervals to keep those chemicals from building up in my body.

While it is impossible to determine which treatment has been more effective, pharmacology or natural interventions, I can relate some of the outcomes that seem somewhat remarkable:

  • Generally during chemotherapy the red and white blood cell counts tend to decline because they are rapidly metabolizing cells and as such are targets for chemotherapy. In 5 1/2 months of blood testing every other week, the decline in blood values has been extremely minimal. My last blood test indicated that the number of white and red blood cells was well within normal limits.
  • Since beginning chemotherapy I have not missed a day of work. I have gone through the cold and flu season, without inoculations and without having any symptoms of illness. Even though most of our clients have been sensitive to our desire to be healthy, we have been exposed to all of the same illnesses that anyone else has.
  • Other than biofeedback, Anita has followed the same protocol and experienced the same level of health.

And now to the role of FAITH. I am a practicing Christian who focuses on the Bible and not on denominations. At the very first diagnosis of cancer Anita and I discussed the fact that we felt we were in a win-win situation. If I survive the cancer and the treatments I will have a normal and productive life, if I do not survive then I have Christ’s assurance of salvation. At some other juncture, or if people are interested, I may discuss my transition from partial believer to full believer. I am convinced that having strong faith has given me the ability to relax and accept life’s ups and downs much more easily than my ability to do that previously.

It is my belief that relaxation is essential to healing. Virtually every mental illness condition is the opposite of relaxation. If a person can relax, their ability to manage life dramatically improves. The biofeedback and relaxation breathing are my primary avenues to relaxation and become far more effective when I applied my spiritual beliefs.

I can probably expand significantly on these issues but in reality it’s very simple: if you can relax you have a higher probability of healing. Since I believe that this life is only a piece of eternity I am able to relax in knowing that my future is secured, in living and/or  dying. Don’t mistake my statements for the cavalier attitude that some professing Christians have that I am ready to die anytime and look forward to the experience. While I am convinced of my future, I am also very happy with my current life and have a desire to grow old with my wife, children and grandchildren.

I kind of feel like I’ve rambled in this blog. I hope that what I have conveyed is that managing life is an everyday process. A broad-based approach to health and wellness makes the process simpler and the journey smoother. Including an educated approach to my spiritual beliefs has contributed immeasurably to my ability to deal with the idiocy of my physical world. If you have followed politics at all you are aware of the idiocy of which I speak.

In closing, I pray for the time that I will be declared completely cancer free, a condition that I am assured currently exists, and celebrate years of good health and prosperity. Understand that a part of my concept of prosperity is to share information with each of you so that we can all have a much better idea about managing our lives.

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